Why is online furniture cheap?

Why is online furniture cheap?

Because it’s a bargain. Although not absolute, the price itself is largely a proxy for value.

Furniture itself is a product that needs on-site experience very much. If it is put online, it can’t be seen or touched, how can it attract people?

So furniture e-commerce are basically started at a low price.

Why is online furniture cheap

In the early days, online traffic was cheap, so many e-commerce companies did have low operating costs and could sell products with low gross profit. However, today, online traffic costs are getting higher and higher, including sampling points, advertising fees, drainage fees, and remote freight installation fees (due to a single delivery and a single installation, In fact, the comprehensive transportation and installation is even higher than that of traditional physical stores. The comprehensive cost of furniture sold online is almost the same as that of offline physical stores.

Medium and high-end products, the price is not low, consumers can not see the real object, not dare to buy online. But low-end products, the price is not expensive, online buy also buy.

Why is online furniture cheap

Up to now, low-end products have been basically online. Except for a few head furniture brands with high market share, they can maintain a certain number of offline stores, while most unknown low-end products have basically given up physical stores and switched to online.

The current pattern of activity furniture is basically: low-end products sell online, high-end products sell offline, even brand owners, the positioning of online and offline products also basically follow the above principles, putting different products. Of course, due to the richness and convenience of the Internet, some customers are willing to buy medium and high-end products online for convenience, so there are a small number of medium and high-end products online, as well as some niche products, whose prices are not cheaper than those of offline stores.

Why is online furniture cheapAll in all, if really cheap, or consider the grade, quality bar!

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