In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industry?

I have been engaged in the furniture industry for 7 years, and now there are 2 furniture companies with factories. I think I know something about this furniture industry

In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industryAs furniture, actually a lot of professional segment, in the early years as the world's factory in China, there are a lot of people do foreign trade or domestic landed money, scale and development of fast, but now you let the boss in the furniture industry heavily in agriculture, money is not recommended, is also very difficult, is now a serious excess capacity, not used to the demand of the situation.

First of all: cost increases, recruitment difficult. A lot of foresight and conditions have moved to Vietnam, domestic furniture more and more no price advantage and labor cost advantage

Secondly, with the development of online sales network, price is becoming more and more transparent, price war is becoming more and more serious, manufacturers' profits are becoming thinner, consumers' quality and brand awareness is weak, and other reasons, coupled with the lack of respect for original and design, price is still the dominant factor in many cases. Most of the time is not the factory does not want to produce good things, worked hard to design a popular style, before long peers have to imitate, offline rights protection is equivalent to a virtual empty, may be better online, not a year rotten streets, until this product is dead, everyone has no money, abandon it. If the small number can not rise, can not form quantitative and scale effect, what does the factory rely on? Depend on quantity, otherwise production cost is very high, these can restrict the development scale of furniture enterprise (supplement: those big brands that you can see do civilian use, many are heavy marketing, oneself do not produce) recommend doing sales, do not touch production easily, especially for small white. If come up to open furniture factory, improper operation 1 million soon disappeared, deficient rise too easy.

Do sale, do a good job to choose to taste, conditional oneself design outside processing, earn a bit of small money, want to do bigger and stronger, I ask, you and somebody else already established 10 years, have actual strength, have experience, have sales network, the old industry that has public praise is entrenched than, what do you have? Three have no understanding?

In the eyes of furniture industry professionals, how is the current situation of furniture industry

Make an online shop, if they understand the marketing of e-commerce, life is no problem. Net shop also passed bonus period, won't have the wood industry of the 2nd Lin family, basic so. The phenomenon is that there are many channels, the competition is very fierce, the products are updated quickly, and the costs are increasing year by year. This is a traditional manufacturing industry with small profits and high volume. At present, the so-called innovation often stays in the style and sales channels.

Who would produce or sell furniture if they bought the two futures in early 2020

Working yourself to death doesn't always make money

It's the same bet, just a big bet a small bet

I'm sorry I didn't see the development prospect, but there is no technical threshold in the strict sense. The technical content of this industry is too low, so plagiarism is too serious

Traditional manufacturing (nothing take shots at the core of the technology and the high capital threshold class) belongs to the meager profit but high turnover, coupled with the issues of intellectual property rights and brand awareness is weak, squeeze profits space, has two brushes can survive, but you said the ceiling is very high development potential infinite company factory in the furniture industry to, can pull down

Blunt point: not a few, now is such, later also very difficult

Small is rich, rich don't want to (industry infrastructure decisions, and since 2019, these are the common fault of the traditional manufacturing, outbreak only accelerate the exposure of the problem, rather than the root cause) in the furniture industry has to first bucket of gold, if there are other better investment direction, do not recommend to pitch in the field of furniture production, serious heavy assets operation. Is not can't do, after all, life can, is already on the car to continue to do, has not yet on the car if there is a better choice of furniture industry is not the first choice) this line ceiling is like this, no matter how hard you try, the ceiling line determines the height you can develop

Why am I telling the truth

Of course, a lot of people's dream is to have food and clothing, furniture industry can do it, other traditional manufacturing industry is the same, but if you do not find a new way to improve the technical threshold, it is not a very potential industry.

In the new era, with core technologies, it is possible to start with new industries or subvert the traditional model, further shorten the distance between consumers and manufacturers, imitate on the original basis, meet new consumer demand, and achieve overtaking on curves

Now is not casually who can start a business success, the new generation of entrepreneurs, their own strength and education requirements are becoming higher and higher, in the university to learn some excellent skills, coupled with their original family philosophy or the original family capital accumulation, expect to go to the next level

In the future, the class will only become more and more solidified, and it will be more and more difficult for the bottom to turn over, because you will find that the track that can be left to the three noes will become narrower and fewer opportunities. But don't be discouraged, there are always some people who can achieve class leapfrogging with their bare hands, come on boy!!

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