Decorated like this, the whole house is simple and beautiful

As a decoration experience, really suggest that you do not understand the decoration of friends do not come! If you belong to such a situation, please look over, you can learn from the owner of her home decoration, easily put the home installed, and can avoid a lot of trample pits. The collocation of whole house whole is simple and beautiful, looking at very envy. Below, bring you together to feel the feelings, I hope to bring you good decoration inspiration!

Actually, belong to more common door model, come in from enter door to have independent enter door porch, according to porch space, considering the kitchen just on the side, so hit original wall body, did the shoe ark of an upper and lower two embedded, can make up for original wall body, and more reasonable use porch space. If the entry porch in the home is also such a door type, I suggest you can learn about ha. Leave an empty space at the bottom of the shoe closet so that some commonly worn shoes can be easily stored and kept in better order. Great!

Decorated like this, the whole house is simple and beautiful

Walk in from the entryway to the dining area. Considering the space, decorated qualitative square table of a rock plank, cover the word of table cloth on table, can protect table face appropriately, and appear the taste that has home more. The ground chooses the shop sticks gray ceramic tile, give a person chilly feeling actually. Table cloth collocation, a few more warm.

Collocation eat chair blue and yellow collocation, very beautiful, sitting very comfortable also, design or pretty good. There are some decorative paintings hanging on the wall, which can play a very good decorative effect and won't look so monotonous. A family sitting in such a restaurant, feel too happy!

Actually the position of eat desk and chair is not to rely on the left side, rely on the right however, generally speaking the family of our major is such layout. However, the owner of the house is not like this, but changed the location, the right side can be put fish tank and refrigerator. Prefer to raise fish at home, so the aquarium is an indispensable part of the space is actually very appropriate.

Living room collocation sofa tea table style is not bad, especially the sofa, sit very comfortable, the color is more good-looking, especially beautiful. The picture that hangs on sofa wall, the effect that comes out with integral collocation is very harmonious, let a person envy especially. The whole space is very simple, the effect is good, it is worth our reference and learning when decorating! The ground is also decorated with a floor mat, appear higher on!

Decorated like this, the whole house is simple and beautiful

Made wall of setting of sitting room TV, brushed blue emulsioni paint, use wooden slats to do a few simple modelling next, the effect of similar gesso line. The TV hangs directly on the wall, can save a few Spaces for TV ark, safer. Sit in the Angle of the sofa to watch TV, Angle just appropriate, quite accord with human body engineering, feel or pretty good! The chandelier installed on the top is very like, the appearance level is very high, the evening lighting brightness is enough!

Sitting room and balcony get through, increased a lot of indoor area, appear a space very capacious, more reasonable use balcony space rise. The position of the balcony just designed working area, very convenient use. During the day, the light is very abundant, the light is very good!

What children room decorates is a piece of single bed, when custom-made chest, the design of an organic whole with desk ark, use the space better rise. In fact, the children room in the home did not decorate the bed or custom tatami, basic is such a design, especially great!

A clapboard was installed on the wall, can put a plant appropriately or other, feel very practical. The color of the wall brush is very beautiful, no white looks so monotonous!

Advocate lie tonal also is same with the children room just now actually, color is very, bear very look. If you like this color at home, but do not like white or yellow, you can refer to it. A double bed with a dressing table next to the head of the bed, very easy to use, really nice.

Share here is the end, if you do not understand the decoration of friends suggest that we look at the owner of her new house, you can learn her home installed, easily installed home. The whole space is simple and easy to look at, very beautiful. Finally, I wish the owner and his family a more and more happy life, and I hope everyone can enjoy it!

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