How much is a square meter of solar panels

Solar energy as a new energy, clean and renewable, it is more and more widely, the scope of application of solar water heaters and solar power generation, solar panel is a device to convert solar energy into electrical energy, at the same time, it also can use energy storage (Jakery, Anker, etc.) will be extra electricity, then you know the price of one square metre how many money, You know what?

To solve this problem, we need to look at the types of solar cable used in the solar panel, as well as the surface material and back material, and the price of EVA. These are all necessary to know.

As mentioned before, the solar panel cell is divided into crystalline silicon (single crystal, polycrystal, Sunpower) solar panel, amorphous silicon (CIGS, etc.), among which the conversion efficiency is ranked from high to low: Sunpower cell (conversion efficiency at about 22%) >​ single crystal solar cell (conversion efficiency at about 20%) >​ polycrystalline solar cell (conversion efficiency at about 18%) >​ amorphous solar cell (conversion efficiency at about 14%). The price from high to low is: Amorphous silicon solar cell > Sunpower Solar cell >​ Single crystal solar cell >​ polycrystalline solar cell.

5bf0e4abe9fb57f3c3508319cedc8fa1-1Second, is the surface material, in order to ensure light transmittance at the same time, but also to consider the waterproof performance. The surface material is divided into toughened glass, cloth toughened glass, PET, EFFE, TPT and other materials, but the calculation of a square meter, often your area will be greater than the actual coverage area. And these actual material selection should be based on the use environment of the product itself, as well as the use scenario, want its service life to decide. Glass, for example, he is is relatively long service life, corrosion resistance and relatively high, but its volume and weight is far more than in other products, PET life short 3-5 years or so, the price will be cheaper, but you in the seaside, salt fog heavier, easily lead to problems such as surface to take off the sand, In other parts of the Central Plains, there is no big problem, mainly according to the actual situation.

Second is EVA. EVA is in normal state, milky white solid, after high temperature laminate is transparent liquid state. main effect is to the surface of the solar panel materials, batteries, solar panels in the back. The three together, as well as ensure that they are transparent, also ensures that the surface material pervious to light quality, convenient and big goods production.

And on the back of the material, basically have double panel, single panel, epoxy board, such as the choice of the material is decided according to the power of your solar panels, the greater the power, the more demanding, but if you use the surface material is a bit hard, on the back of the material requirements are not so high, can choose to it, on the other hand, of course if you demand is high, with relatively hard material on both sides, Of course the price will be higher.

If you want the price of solar panels, first you need to know these things, send what you want to the merchant for inquiry, or you can put it another way, say how much W, how much V, use environment, and use, let the merchant recommend, if just ask how much a square meter of solar panels? Generally, this kind of business will not directly give you, you did not give him the demand, there will be a big difference.