How to open a wood processing plant?

The saw industry.

I'm surprised you came up with the idea of doing a board factory. Few people seem to think of doing it.

Okay, for now, I think you have some sort of downstream access.

Then the main consideration is upstream source and plant.

Source log import mainly in Jiangsu Zhangjiagang, Guangdong, northeast.

How to open a wood processing plant?

​It Depends on what you're dealing with. At present, there is a large quantity of pine. Plank upstairs also said, Shanghai blessing person market. The plant has a headache.

It is best to choose a place in the suburbs and convenient transportation, because there are 50-100 tons of trucks to run.

You need -- money -- in the following ways: you need a site of several acres, factory space for at least a running saw, and preferably some spare storage space.

Running saw, two saw, depending on your capacity. Factory building, preferably steel structure, brick and concrete structure has not been studied.

The yard should be large enough to accommodate your raw materials and some finished products. Workers, a saw at least 3-4 people, 2 forklifts, workers please prepare.

If the local workers can not find a high price to go to Zhangjiagang Jingang town. Mill saw the master dormitory dining hall aunt equipment price please Ali Baidu.

You don't even know the basic scale and materials. I think you can get 10 credit cards with a limit of 100,000 yuan and use them in Yu 'ebao. It's a quick and easy way to get money.​

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