How to decorate small family sitting room

Small family living room decoration for a lot of people, all belong to chicken ribs. Decorate, the space is so small, it is meaningless to install; If you don't, it's like the whole house is missing a piece.

But the fact is, small family sitting room also is ok to install advanced feeling, learned these 5 moves below only, no problem becomes the longest place that stays in the home.

One, do less or do not do modelling

When a lot of people decorate, think good-looking modelling is having extremely good adornment effect to the building, but this is a little inapplicable on small family model. Because redundant modelling, can compress originally small space not only, and charge also can rise substantially.

How to decorate small family sitting room

Because this small family sitting room is decorated, concise atmosphere just is advocate fundamental key.

Second, concealment works should be done well

Living room decoration is the most important concealed project!

If something goes wrong, not only will it waste space, but the living room experience will be very bad.

Three, the color collocation is also very important

The visual sense that color gives a person can affect the person to dimensional feeling, appropriate color also can let small family sitting room look a lot of easy.

Especially white, shallow coffee, such as this kind of purity is not high warm color, can make small family living room become warm, and show the space.

How to decorate small family sitting room

Four, do not use ceramic tile door stone

If you want to lay tiles in the small living room, try not to cross the door stone, with 600*1200 tiles.

The space of such sitting room can become fuzzy, won't show small. And the ceramic tile that spread also can prolong a space, raise the class of whole space.

Five, do not do or simply do ceiling

Small family sitting room does not suggest to do condole top, itself space is not big, do condole top can have depressive feeling.

If you really want to do it, keep it simple and don't make it too complicated.

Of course, it is difficult to achieve such an effect only by your own imagination. So if you are a small living room, or need to find a designer to cooperate, tell him your idea, so that your living room can have the best effect.

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