How to choose suitable furniture in your new home

After the completion of the new house hard installation, began to enter the soft installation selection part, the appropriate soft installation can not only increase the beauty of the house, but also improve the comfort of the house.

But for novice owners, soft outfit selection is really too difficult.

Especially furniture, as the top priority of soft decoration, including sofa, coffee table, dining table, wardrobe, bookcase and other types, very test the aesthetic and collocation skills of the picker, not careful, it is easy to get tangled, and then choose the wrong or overturned, affecting the appearance level of the whole space.

The question is, how can we choose the right furniture for our new home?

Here, specially divided into four parts, to give you a detailed answer, let's see.

Furniture selection principle

01, look at the style pick, pay attention to the overall collocation effect

Before choosing furniture, to determine the new home decoration style tone, only according to the style of choice corresponding to the material, style, color of furniture, in order to integrate with other soft outfit to make the space more harmonious and beautiful, such as:

Nordic style: the pursuit of simple furniture with a sense of design;

Modern wind: pay attention to the furniture with strong sense of simple sense line;

Light luxury style: exquisite and textured furniture;

New Chinese style: the simplified Chinese style furniture that modern element and traditional element photograph combine.

02, choose furniture, but also suitable and comfortable

How to choose suitable furniture in your new home

When choosing furniture, consider oneself demand and living habits, put practical in the first place, such ability lets new home live more comfortable, for example:

Sofa: you can sit and feel to consider whether it bounces back close to the skin;

Table and chair: through its frame and size to consider whether it matches the space;

Cabinet: cabinet kind can pass hardware fittings and material to judge it whether environmental protection is durable.

Pay attention to the details of furniture and improve the taste of home

Decorations can be changed often, but furniture needs to be used for a long time, so some of its details must not be ignored, such as:

Hardware accessories: pay attention to check whether the hardware accessories of the furniture is fixed well, equipped with complete;

Smell: no matter be wood or coriaceous, pay attention to the cent of actor of actor bad, can pass smell to judge furniture quality when choosing, choose excitant smell as far as possible the furniture with little.

Touch: like tea table, table, chair this kind of furniture, but also by touching the surface to feel its surface without burr, bubbles, whether smooth and so on.

After understanding basic furniture to choose a principle, can pledge according to furniture material, function, undertake more comprehensive selection with area.

Select by material

Wooden class

Woodiness kind furniture has natural, comfortable, the characteristic that 100 take, wind of wind of wind of like log, Nordic, wabi lonely can use woodiness kind furniture to make ideal household style.

Wooden sofa, wooden tables and chairs, wooden cabinets....... Can according to different woodiness material, show different simple sense and grain, build a kind of contracted, sweet feeling for household life.

Cotton and linen class

Owners who like natural wind and pay attention to comfort can also consider cotton and linen furniture, such as cotton and linen beds and sofas, which are soft, skin-friendly and breathable. Through materials, furniture can return to comfort itself and give space more warm texture.


Besides woodiness, vitreous kind furniture is applied more also in the life, this kind of material is clear, beautiful, universal, can cooperate other material to improve indoor daylighting, make the space has a unique style.

Stone class

The furniture of stone material kind also has to say, for instance marble furniture, they have distinctive simple sense, beautiful, atmosphere, durable, can pass different processing means and design means, build better visual center in new home.

Choose furniture by style

Basically the furniture of a type has a lot of design, for instance tea table has the choice such as rectangle, circle, polygon, or big or small, or tall or short, design can undertake choosing according to dimensional area and individual be fond of.

Choose furniture by function

As mentioned above, the existence of furniture is beautiful and practical. Some furniture can be used for decoration alone, or at the same time, through its functional properties to achieve storage and storage.

When choosing, can demand according to the space, go choosing the furniture of functional sex, for instance small family model can choose to have the furniture that receive a function, for instance ark of TV ark, tea table, eat side ark wait for cabinet.

The furniture selected according to the function can improve the functional properties of the new home, so that we can be more convenient and comfortable in the process of living.

Want to choose appropriate and beautiful furniture to new home not difficult, want to follow certain principle and skill only, press material qualitative, press design, press a function, can let furniture develop true effect in soft outfit.

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