Choosing the wrong tile is a lot of trouble

There is a kind of decoration material is now every family will use a kind of material, is also another big head of the decoration budget, this decoration material is "ceramic tile", about the quality of ceramic tile discrimination, there are a lot of arguments on the Internet, and the argument is not the same, today xiaobian to say how to choose ceramic tile is better.

A look at

Whether the surface pattern of ceramic tile is clear, whether the brick surface has no black spot, no collapse porcelain, no fuzzy

The second knock

Magnetic susceptibility of good ceramic tile is high knock rise sound clear, conversely sound is depressing

Three drops experiment

The embryo bottom of all-porcelain products does not absorb water after dripping for three minutes, but only leaves traces of water in the embryo bottom. The lower the water absorption, the better

Choosing the wrong tile is a lot of trouble

The bottom of the four embryo

The normal color of ceramic tile after high temperature firing is gray, which is also one of the technological characteristics of Guangdong ceramics. (Red or white bricks are not good)

For ordinary consumers, there is no need to get so complicated, we must make clear the specific difference between "polished brick, glazed brick and microcrystalline stone" :

Than wear:

Polishing brick cast glaze brick microcrystalline stone

That is to say, polished brick is the most wear-resistant, microcrystalline stone surface is the softest and most wear-resistant

Than the fouling resistance:

Microcrystalline stone glaze polishing brick

Microcrystalline stone surface close to glass, glass of course, pollution resistance, polishing brick surface will have a very small hole invisible to the naked eye, so a long gloss without the other two good.

Xiaobian think ordinary people to choose two problems: 1, good looking; 2. Buy it or not.

There are so many types and names of bricks. In addition to the three mentioned above, you will also hear marble tiles, wood tiles, leather tiles, hexagonal tiles, Mosaic tiles, cement tiles, subway tiles and various names that merchants give to their products.

For ordinary owners, as long as you care about the attributes you can see, color, texture, size, light or matte, flatness, these are basically enough. Then it depends on the brand and the price.

If you ask me to recommend a brand, I personally think that the time-honored brand with a long survival time and little advertising investment is the most reliable and cost-effective. Why is it high? The old brand that can survive for so long must have its survival value.

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