Five home decoration design strategy

Household is decorated and designed, the most attention should be practical and appropriate namely. Today, xiaobian to share a few practical and delicate home design, for your reference.

First, wash hands to do wall partition design

The thing of toilet is small much, can design a clapboard to be done in lavabo or niche design, can accomplish effective receive completely. The niche can also be installed inside the rail socket and lamp belt design, convenient electricity and increase the lighting, very delicate.

Some owners choose to do half wall design, it seems to have a bit delicate, but actually not very practical, the thing is not good to receive, with long can discover equally easy messy.

Five home decoration design strategy

Two, wall side drawer design

Wall side drawer type design, but also more popular and practical design. Do push-pull basket in lavabo lower part, pull convenient; Upper part does cupboard door design to be able to receive more thing, suit a family to use especially, still can hide effectively of thing put.

Three, floor tile paving design

When some owners decorate, they will listen to the design recommended by businesses and workers. Waveguide wire design, for example, is said to decorate the ground. But after furniture is placed go up, alleged adornment cannot see at all, still affect integral adornment effect very likely.

Therefore, xiaobian suggests that we try to do the ground floor design, save money and improve the aesthetic design of the space.

4, the choice can unpack the cloth art furniture that wash

Cloth art furniture appearance level is very high, for instance sofa, good-looking not only, sit very comfortable also. However, some owners are easy to ignore the problem of whether to disassemble and wash. After all, it will inevitably be dirty if it is used for a long time. If it is not removed and washed, the surface cleaning is not convenient and clean.

Accordingly, when choosing cloth art furniture, ask certainly whether can unpack wash, must not be impatient. With the right furniture, the work is easy.

Fifth, sunken porch design

The porch is the passageway between the house and the outside, easy to drift into the dust. Want to make sure indoor neat, can choose to do the design of sunken porch, probably 3-10cm height difference, can accomplish effectively prevent dust to run indoors.

Occasionally serving as a shoe changing stool. But this design is more suitable for residents living on the ground floor, the use is more obvious.

Conclusion: the pursuit of delicate household design is everyone's yearning, but also want to avoid a few "chicken ribbed" household design, do not follow blindly, still want to do strategy more, want to see whether practical, whether to suit oneself ability is more important.

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