How to apply the metope of second-hand room renovation?

How to apply the metope of second-hand room renovation? Second-hand renovation need to pay attention to too many things, the wall is one of them, the following Shenyang Xingbang decoration xiaobian to talk to you about second-hand renovation of the wall to paint.

1, grass-roots processing

Remove peeling and loose wall areas and fill with cement mortar. The tear is usually secured with brown paper tape and white latex. Ordinary light body wall and non-load-bearing wall insulation wall need to paste cloth, as far as possible to choose a good texture of wall cloth and white latex or grid cloth, grid cloth crack resistance effect is slightly better.

2, brush interface agent

The system can strengthen the adhesion with the base, avoid the phenomenon of cavitation, peeling, so as to replace the artificial chisel processing, save time and effort. When brushing the interface agent, be sure to brush evenly.

3, wall level

Uneven walls should be levelled, for uneven walls should be levelled with paint plastering, so that the wall error does not exceed 3 mm. If the Yin and Yang Angle is not straight, also want to brush plastering, and by the ruler by straight. Four, blow putty in batches

The higher the choice of particle size, the harder the material, the better the quality of putty, putty to batch three times. One is usually thicker because it involves leveling.

4, three times thinner, mainly in order to let the light, so that the wall looks more smooth, smooth. After batch processing for three times, the thickness of putty should not exceed 3mm, otherwise it is easy to crack.

How to apply the metope of second-hand room renovation?

5,Polishing is a very important step in the process of finishing lacquer ware. After polishing, the final lacquer ware will look good. Try using finer sandpaper, which can leave deep sand marks if it is too thick. After metope is polished, must clean thoroughly, lest dust overmuch, affect the adhesion of paint film. The bump difference does not exceed 3 mm.

6, brush primer

Primer must be brushed evenly, make sure that every place of metope has been brushed, if metope eats lacquer quantity is larger, primer had better add more water in right amount, brush evenly in order to assure metope.

7. Find putty

After polishing, there will be some defects, it is generally difficult to see, only after brushing will be obvious, then to find repair. The attention seeks fill must grind it smooth, brush with the primer of a little water again, lest because brush face and moisture of other metope is poor, dye is poor.

8. Apply finish paint

Brush finish paint cannot add too much water, can affect the thickness of paint film, feel and the hardness of paint film. Try to pick good tools. Coating mainly pay attention to the corner of each roll, the middle stubble and paint direction. Two sprints are usually required.

How to paint the wall of second-hand room renovation today shenyang Xingbang decoration xiaobian is introduced here, I hope to bring you more help.

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