What kind of ceramic tile should style of 6 big mainstream home outfit choose?

For home decoration, everyone has their own favorite style, through the combination of decorative materials, furniture, modeling and other elements, the formation of different home decoration style. Want to design harmonious and unified home outfit style, the most important is the choice of the respect such as simple sense of colour, design, modelling, material and collocation. Serve as decorate advocate material, ceramic tile is the foundation setting of whole household space and ground color, as the base before making up, must choose carefully, because it can affect the adornment effect of whole home.

So, what kind of ceramic tile should different home outfit style choose? In tao Jun summed up the selection brick raiders of style of outfit of 6 big mainstream home nowadays, let you choose ceramic tile to save time save effort.

01 cream wind
Recently, the cream wind that gets young people to love is decorated explode in whole net red, brush screen design circle. Alleged cream wind, choose cream namely lightsome tender color undertakes collocation a kind of household designs a style, its key depends on match color. This decoration style overall color is light color, commonly used color is mainly milk coffee, milk white, gray, wood color, not only has a modern minimalist sense of space, but also has a French romantic elegant ethereal emotional appeal.

Choose brick strategy: low saturation, warm colors, micro cement

To behave creaminess wind clean and tender, on the choice of ceramic tile, want to slam the door traditional complex big decorative pattern and intense bump color, use the ceramic tile design and color of low saturation, wait like white, shallow ash, shallow coffee, log, creaminess. Ceramic tile surface texture is mainly simple, micro cement, sandstone, wood grain can be, if you want to choose marble texture, pay attention to the selection of large cracks, choose light gray mass grain or less white ceramic tile pattern.

In addition, cream wind is decorated to bring the advanced feeling with exquisite simple sense, because this ceramic tile surface craft had better choose soft light, dumb face, dim light to wait, do not suggest to choose the bright face brick with high brightness. If dimensional light is insufficient, want to use bright face brick to carry bright, choose white to fasten the effect better.

What kind of ceramic tile should style of 6 big mainstream home outfit choose?02 wabi-sabi wind
Wabi-sabi was popular in the design circle earlier than the cream wind, gaining the love of many designers and consumers with its simple and indifferent primitive texture and Oriental zen. Wabi Sabi emphasizes the fragmental beauty of the years, without luxurious decoration and pretentious design. It pays special attention to the natural texture in the choice of materials, emphasizes the integration with nature, and creates a simple and plain space atmosphere.

Choose brick strategy: cold color, simple sense, space blank

The most two years, the simple sense that ceramic industry is popular fastes ceramic tile to make wabi lonely wind just and be born. Simple sense fastens ceramic tile to use soft light, dumb smooth face design, color is given priority to with earth color, creaminess, advanced ash, black, texture chooses the design and color layout with contracted design, wait like cement, stone material, metal, leather grain, pay attention to the detail such as color, light feeling, craft at the same time. To enhance the sense of sophistication, wabi Sabi should be appropriately left blank. But white metope is too lonely, the adornment that chooses tall simple sense material pledges pledges is must. Simple sense brick pays attention to surface craft, make skin texture face, administrative levels feeling is richer, it is the high grade that wall of wabi lonely wind decorates material.

03 contracted wind
Contracted style is also a more mainstream home decoration style, which is often simple in hard decoration, such as white wall, big flat top (no ceiling), plain soft decoration are common elements. Simple style is given priority to by simple and elegant, the overall feeling gives a person is natural and comfortable, but reveals the high-level texture.

Choose brick strategy: marble, bright surface, even grain

Contracted wind decoration overall modelling should be as simple as possible, can not be decorated with complex decorative patterns or materials. Accordingly, when choosing ceramic tile, its design and color texture cannot have overmuch color and flowery design, mainstream design and color is bright marble texture, common match color is black, white, gray, brown and so on. In addition, use ceramic tile of big specification even grain, dimensional aperture is little, integral effect is more advanced

04 light much wind
For owners who pursue the sense of quality, modern and simple style is too simple. Light luxury style is a good choice, which has both modern and simple comfort and gorgeous grade effect, low luxury but not nouvelle. The light luxury style is generally based on the hard decoration of modern style, adding marble and metal texture to the soft decoration of furniture and details, and then embellishing it with just the right color, so that the space appears high-grade and exquisite.

Choose brick guide: marble, senior, administrative levels

There are two ways to choose the ceramic tile of light luxury style. The first kind, the downy color that wait for color of low saturation with advanced ash, shallow coffee fastes floor tile, tie-in hits color setting wall and metal, leather face furniture soft outfit. The floor tile can also be designed as wave line or Mosaic, and the rare stone texture rock plate can be used as the background wall to enhance the high-level style.

The second kind, choose the marble tile with deep color and rich texture level to make the background wall, and then match other design elements such as champagne color, brown and metal. The even grain ceramic tile that has large area flow grain, its rich and have change grain gives space intense administrative levels feeling, have incomparable charm on adornment effect.

05 new Chinese style
Chinese style style is designed with dignified and zen meaning commonly theme, and become as modern decorate mainstream crowd, Chinese style style also began to blend in contemporary and comfortable style element, formed contemporary new Chinese style style. The adornment of new Chinese style style purify massiness, have the traditional lasting appeal that Chinese style lives in already, accord with the characteristic that modern lives again, classic elegant charm, advanced and cool.

Choose brick strategy: senior gray, flow pattern, parquet

The ceramic tile of tie-in new Chinese style is in the majority with black and advanced gray, texture can choose the marble ceramic tile that gives priority to with large area group grain and flow grain, the ceramic tile of ground design contracted spell flower or wave hit line can highlight retro charm. Still can choose log simple sense full wood grain brick, with Chinese style furniture harmony is unified. The background wall can be used with a flow line to the top of the striped rock plate, color can be black and white, green and other stone texture, this rock plate with Chinese style elegance.

06 French wind
French style is a romantic and exquisite home decoration style, warm and soft colors, simple and elegant collocation, reflecting the rich French elegance and romance. Like cream style, French style emphasizes color collocation, as well as delicate lines, personalized modeling design and soft decoration with a sense of ritual.

Choose brick strategy: matching color, wood grain brick, Morandi

For French style decoration tiles, wood grain tiles are mostly selected, with brown and dark coffee colors, or micro cement tiles and high quality grey soft light tiles, which are decorated with white walls, gypsum lines, wall panels, low luxury furniture and other design elements to create a warm French atmosphere. If you feel that the white wall is too monotonous, you can also choose morandi color parapet or custom home to create a bold visual impact.

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