Three kinds of matching color skills of the four major plates

Colour it can attract your eyeball, express all sorts of different mood, can be used to communicate even, so how can we use colour correctly in the process of domestic outfit? In the process of decoration, metope, ground, curtain, sofa, the color of these four large areas must be matched properly, determine the basic color, the whole can be decided, so how to go matching? There are three techniques.

First: wall, sofa warm color is the ground, curtains choose neutral color, we can do a whole warm color background, such as wood veneer; Choose a warm color sofa, such as orange sofa, so that your ground curtains are not afraid of gray, the overall space, he is warm, this kind of skill is suitable for most ordinary home decoration to use.

Three kinds of matching color skills of the four major platesSecond: metope, ground warm color, sofa, curtain uses neutral color. Like the wood floor in the home, you can consider the wall to connect with warm colors, and the sofa and curtains choose neutral colors to balance, not to let the warm color too much, the whole space is a warm and comfortable state, which is suitable for the whole house custom floor decoration.

Third: we can make the sofa and ground warm colors, metope and curtain do neutral colors. The difference is that we put warm colors underneath, below our line of sight. And the metope and curtain above the line of sight use neutral color, this kind is especially suitable for small family model and the light is not particularly good house.

About warm colors we commonly have orange, caramel color, warm gray, apricot white, milk tea color, milk coffee color and so on.... When you learn how to use warm colors wisely, your home improvement won't turn over.

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