2022 Home trends

Warm minimalism

Minimalism is very popular these years, but what we often see is the color scheme of black, white and grey, which is a bit cold in nature. Minimalism is developing in a warmer direction, such as replacing bright white with cream, which makes the space look more warm and makes the home more inclusive.

Many people find that the minimalist style is not suitable for them, there are always too many favorite things to bring into the home, many people can not really achieve the sense of danshari. There are always a lot of items each with their own meaning, so let them with you, together into a new home, a new form of their own minimalism

2022 Home trendspostmodernism

What we saw before was mostly decided by function, but postmodernism thought this was boring, and postmodernism is dotted by the different shapes of ornaments that the new generation of 00s like now, and these post-modern style pieces are impressive.

Japanese wabi-sabi

I believe that you are familiar with wabi-sabi, the original meaning of wabi-sabi is simple and quiet things, this style is very popular all over the world, the soul of wabi-sabi lies in an imperfect rusticality, organic beauty.

Art Deco style

It was created in the 1920s and typified the Empire State Building, with its emphasis on patterns, geometric forms and curves. I think it's also a response to minimalism, especially the general style of gray.

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