Wardrobe key to look at these 5 points

In our present family, chest has become an indispensable big piece, but people often paid attention to the appearance and area only when the choose and buy, and did not consider the practical aspects such as the material of functional partition, chest and chest.

1. Wardrobe door

The cupboard door of chest has two kinds of choice commonly: sliding door or smooth open the door, this should decide according to the area of the bedroom. Now the small family of the house to choose sliding door more, sliding door not only save space, push and pull up is very convenient. But there are also certain drawbacks, the service life of the closet of sliding door is shorter than that of the closet of flat door, and the roller and track at the bottom are prone to wear and tear, which is also very troublesome to take care of.

2, the best wardrobe to do the top

If the wardrobe is to choose custom, it is generally to do the top, because it not only contains more things, but also avoids the dust in the top space in the late period, reducing the trouble of cleaning. If you choose the finished wardrobe, if you do not reach the top, you can buy some hanging cabinets to install, to make up for this drawback, later will feel that the top is simply too good to use.

Wardrobe key to look at these 5 points3, partition partition clothes

Wardrobe should choose to contain much partition partition, this kind of wardrobe can put clothes, pants, ties and other categories, when wearing it is easy to find, very convenient. For office workers, life is very fast, so the design of wardrobe can save time, otherwise every day to find this to find that, it is a waste of time.

4. Install a fitting mirror behind the wardrobe door

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As Lele said before, mirrors are not recommended in bedrooms, but a fitting mirror is necessary, so people start thinking about wardrobe. Fitting mirror installed in the wardrobe door, so not only can meet the need to look in the mirror, save space; And still avoided the taboo above geomantic, kill two birds with one stone.

5, do not use paint-free board wardrobe

A lot of finished wardrobes will choose to use paint-free board, so that it will save the trouble of painting later. The advantage is that the material is more environmentally friendly, and the price is more favorable. Disadvantage is, be afraid of tide quite, especially inferior avoid lacquer board, density is low, can appear dent, use at most 3 years, it is not cost-effective.

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