And a concrete yard? It’s all out of date

Now who has a yard or terrace at home is very envious, a yard or terrace is equivalent to more than a leisure area, a little simple transformation, really comfortable. In the past, everyone simply transformed the yard and laid a concrete floor, but such practice is outdated. Now it is popular to design the yard like this!

Lawn + concrete floor

The yard is divided into two parts, one half with cement, the other half with lawn, so that the other half can be used as a leisure area, where tables and chairs can be placed, the other half as a flower and grass area, which can also be used as a football field. It is also very convenient for children to play football in the family

And a concrete yard? It's all out of dateLawn (flower, wood) + deck mixed

Now since the building is a home, a court yard reconstruction method has a lot of, now laid deck there are levels in appearance, in front of the door laid deck, the rest of the ground to do the lawn, household deck area become a recreational area, also can assure indoor clean, health, and the lawn area, combined with flowers, wood decoration, building multi-level flower garden scene ~

Spread lawn on the ground, just with flowers, green plants echo, very appropriate to the scene, to create a pure natural garden courtyard. Use the big board and lawn to lay out the corridor, so that when it rains, will not be trampled to the lawn, walk on the big board, to ensure clean shoes.

Deck + lawn + sand concrete

The deck and lawn are mixed, and then the sand is added to the corner area of the yard, and the pebbles and stone cage are selected to make landscape sand. The garden of the courtyard also hides the mini landscape, so that the whole yard is greatly enhanced.

This kind of yard transformation, is not let a person very like? But also can increase the appearance level of our home, the first impression is very important.

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