What kind of stuffing is the most comfortable?

In the process of buying a sofa, many people will tangle with our choice of sofa material, as well as our sofa style choice, many people think that the price of our sofa is related to the material of our sofa. It is such really, but of sofa good or bad, the bit that looks even is our sofa filler. So, say to everybody today, the kind of sofa filling, how should choose sofa in the process of choosing sofa?

First, the type of sofa filling

1, foam cotton

There are three main types of sponge used for sofa filling: conventional sponge, high rebound sponge and disorderly hole sponge.

Conventional sponge is made of conventional polyurethane and TDI (MDI), which has good resilience, softness and air permeability.

High rebound sponge is a kind of sponge with active phosphorous and TD (MDI) as main body, which has excellent mechanical properties and good elasticity.

What kind of stuffing is the most comfortable

Large compression load, good fire resistance and air permeability; Random hole sponge is a kind of sponge similar to natural seaweed with different internal pore size. It has good elasticity and excellent cushioning when compression and rebound.

2, feather

Down is generally used in advanced sofa or used with sponge, high-quality down filling material after high temperature disinfection, with strong air permeability, good resilience, comfortable sitting feeling, constant temperature and other characteristics.

What kind of stuffing is the most comfortable

3. Artificial cotton

Artificial cotton sofa filling, softness is excellent, comfortable to sit, but poor mechanical performance, small compression load, very easy to deformation, so the most commonly used to do cushion, not suitable for cushion.

What kind of stuffing is the most comfortable

二、 how to buy sofa

1, sofa is easy to take care of, more functional choices

The sitting room is the area that enters the door the first time place sees, and sofa serves as the level of appearance in the sitting room take on, nature should keep cleanness at all times.

Let's go home happy every day. At this moment, the functional sex sofa that a convenient do becomes particularly important.

This sofa can be combined into L shape in the classic way. The metal legs are designed to show the top grade. The comfortable armrest can be used as a pillow for drinking a cup of coffee and listening to music.

2, and other home decoration to coordinate

No matter choose Europe type, Chinese style, American style, contemporary sofa, should consider to outfit photograph to match with the home.

If the style of the sofa can not be perfectly matched with the home, then it will appear extremely uncoordinated, pulling down the grade of the whole living room.

This contracted cloth art sofa, the curve is downy and comfortable, more have blue gray join together, different color, give you different visual feast.

3, check whether the hardness is moderate

Sofa serves as recreational recreational in the sitting room, the representative that receives a visitor, when buying nature should see its soft hard degree whether moderate.

Too soft, will make your waist under a lot of pressure, sitting will feel back pain; Too hard, the weight of the human body will be all pressed on the hip, also not suitable for long sitting.

Therefore, when choosing, we can sit a little longer and experience the overall comfort level.

This sofa is designed with a headrest and back radian, which is ergonomically inclined to make the body deeply relaxed. The overall shape is not complicated.

4, sofa width

The width of single person sofa should not be less than 48 centimeters, double love sofa should be in 95 centimeters above, 3 people sofa should be in 140-145 centimeters between.

Tip: seat width refers to the seat front edge, the inside of the handrail seat width.

According to the modelling design of sofa, actual size can increase appropriately.

The seat width of the general unit sofa is 510mm-650mm; The seat width of the double sofa is generally 950mm-1150mm; The seat width of three sofa is generally 1350mm-1650mm.

What kind of stuffing is the most comfortable

5. Sit high on the sofa

The height of the sofa seat should be equivalent to the height of the human calf.

If the seat is too high, it is easy to make the feet dangling, the weight of the human trunk is pressed in the legs, and the muscles of the legs and back will feel sore for a long time; If seat face is too low, the force face of ham decreases, also can feel ache.

The kind of sofa filling that shares to everybody, believe everybody has a new understanding to sofa. Sofa is the main furniture of our living room, it can hold up your face, in the purchase of sofa, a high-grade atmospheric sofa, no doubt to our living room decoration effect foil is very good, so the choice of sofa here, I hope you can help.