Byd delivered the first batch of pure electric semi-trailer tractors in Latin America: equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries

October 10, news: From BYD commercial vehicle wechat official account, BYD recently delivered 5 pure electric semi-trailer Q3MA in the Mexican Transport Exhibition in the overseas market of North America.

According to the official introduction, the pure electric semi-trailer tractor Q3MA independently developed by Semi Trailer Manufacturers is mainly used for medium and short distance logistics transportation, effectively relieving the shortage of logistics vehicles in Latin America. In the global trend of current energy vehicles to promote green travel, BYD Q3MA uses the battery of lithium iron phosphate battery developed by BYD itself, in addition to the independent research and development of the motor integration bridge.

2f5cbba078fcabf812135bd8062f958cByd's excellent technology has created extraordinary strength. Under the self-developed "one-stop" design, the maximum allowable total traction mass of pure electric semi-trailer tractor Q3MA is 35 tons, and the vehicle maintenance mass is 12 tons. According to the car, the car in question and answer BBS user answer, the traditional fuel semi-trailer maximum traction total quality in general is 40 tons, pure electric tractor-semitrailer tractor Q3MA as pure electric semi-trailer, battery power less than under the condition of the engine, can do total mass less than 5 tons, fuel car therefore byd to build a powerful car, It can also be seen that the prospect of pure electric semi tractor Q3MA "strong power" is bound to be extremely excellent.

The official has not yet disclosed the performance of the pure electric semi-trailer tractor Q3MA in "high endurance", but according to the data in the article of car blogger Darong Cheqiao, the average driving time for short-haul transportation is no more than 4 hours, and the maximum distance is 25KM. ​High-distance transportation typically takes about 10 hours, as long as the distance is more than 25KM is considered high-distance transportation; ​combined with the "medium and short distance" in the official introduction of pure electric semi-trailer tractor Q3MA, the driving time of Q3MA may be about 7-8 hours. In the transportation environment of urban ports, suburban industrial parks and other places, driving for about 7-8 hours can meet the needs of daily working days.

It is reported that by the end of December 2022, BYD will also need to deliver a total of 120 pure electric semi-trailer Q3MA to Marva, which constitutes the first pure electric tractor fleet of BYD overseas market.

​At the delivery ceremony, BYD and Marva both expressed that they were extremely relieved to cooperate with each other and would continue to work together along the green road in the future to promote the green energy transformation of the Mexican auto market.

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