How to buy cheap furniture?

I know of several ways to get it

1. Due to business pressure, the dealers could not continue to do so, and all the samples of the site were cleared out. This epidemic situation was more common, and the factory price could be obtained.

How to buy cheap furniture

This kind of advantage is really available

2, proofing model furniture, these furniture are basically the latest style, the factory does a set of sofa, is to do several samples, and finally finalized, these model furniture basically will not go to normal sales channels, are digested internally, cheaper than the factory price. The factory price of that sofa of my family expenses is more than ten thousand, I take 8, 9 thousand edge, but this kind also can see a part of what we often run a factory, it is internal digestion basically.

How to buy cheap furniture

Don't expect to be able to cut a bargain, because the operating cost of furniture is put there. Also do not expect to buy directly from the factory can be cheaper, because good factories will not destroy their own price system, so the brand will not do well, bad factories you go to take advantage of the cheap results or their own misfortune.

How to buy cheap furniture

There is a special profession, called nuts, nuts also has the furniture industry, is the designer to give orders to them to take goods from various channels, get close to the ex-factory price, because there is no rent staff pressure, appropriate to add a little price is sold to foreign, such as our own also often help some friends to find products, I will also add a little at a time, because there is no operation cost plus inside, The price is still much lower than the market.

To find cheap furniture, no matter what grade, find people like us, basically find cheap.