Macaron bath ball

Bedroom, sitting-room, bathroom, IT IS THE three points of the LIFE THAT OCCUPY THE HOME. Instead of going to work every day, residents can now opt for a bath to relax their body and reboot their brain.

​The Japanese drama "bath girl" in the heroine Sanreal wild early night son every day is the focus of life is to study various bath bomb factory introduced bath methods. Now, during the stay at home, the bathing ritual is not only a reward for the tired body and mind, but also a calming enjoyment.

3e81af54ba4c220f13a3f5e392553532Lovely macaron bath ball, one eye to awaken the girl's heart. Each bath ball is made using traceable natural raw materials, and the aroma smells natural and fresh, without an industrial feel. As soon as the essential oil ball is put into the water, it is like an effervescent tablet, and soon melts away. The water surface becomes colorful instantly, and the slightly floating essential oil is exactly right. After soaking, it will not feel greasy and extremely moist.

If you want to have the effect of bubble bath, remember not to throw into the bathtub directly, to be put in the flower and faucet first. The greater the water pressure is, the more bubbles, and then sprinkle dry rose petals on the more artistic conception.