What is the use of mobile phone card needle?

In the earliest mobile phones we started to use, the SIM card was usually in the card slot of the battery compartment. It is OK to install the SIM card and remove the battery directly. However, with the continuous progress of mobile phone industry design, the highly integrated fuselage design has become the mainstream, and the card needle appears. The card slot is embedded in the side of the fuselage, and the card needle can be easily taken.

Card taking pin is a card taking tool equipped with some high-end mobile phones. For some batteries can not be removed, the design of the mobile phone to save space inside the card. But we do not often use the card pin, generally in the purchase of a new mobile phone card or when the card will be used. As a mobile phone auxiliary tool, although not long use, but for each user is essential. For example, when you want to get a card, but can't find the pin, it is still very troublesome.

63414341660d6d6f47cbb097298c502fInstead of turning on the battery to plug in, using a pin to pick up the card is a little different. When we buy a mobile phone, it will be equipped with a card pin, easy to get the card. Let's take a look at the use of the card needle!

1. The card removal pin is used to install SIM card and Pr phone cards. Of course, if the card removal pin is accidentally lost, you can also use a needle like a paper clip or toothpick to remove and put SIM card. However, it is best to use a card needle to get, to avoid injury to the phone.

2. When installing the SIM card, turn off the mobile phone in advance. There will be a hole on the side of the mobile phone, which is the place where the card slot is opened.

3. After carrying the card device to come out, put the phone card prepared in advance. The common mobile phone card is mobile or unicom's phone card. Once it is in place, push it directly with your hand, and you have installed the card [1] 4. Once it's installed, turn on your smartphone and see if it gets a signal. If it does, it means it's installed properly.

Although it looks very simple to install a SIM card, there are many people installing it, there will be all kinds of small trouble. ​Nevertheless, patient, careful installation ALSO won'T HAVE TOO BIG PROBLEM COMMONLY.