Why does simple furniture cost more?

It's not just furniture. Clothes, shoes, electronics and food are often more expensive the simpler they are. I don't know about furniture design, but I thought about it before.


When I got married, I was looking for a pair of rings.

No decorations, just a ring with a word carved on the inside. I thought it would be easy. However, the rings on the market are found to have carved patterns, the modeling is more complex, simple modeling is difficult to find.

Why does simple furniture cost more

The pair that finds big brand finally finally ring, but this modelling is simple ring, the price of the ring that carves flowers on than market is much taller. We couldn't afford the original rings, so we took the pictures of the rings, had them custom-made and recreated a pair of knockoffs.

But even if it's a knockoff, the ring knockoffs are more expensive than the other ones.

Even more expensive than some carved rings on the market. The man said the original ring was white gold.

And the ring has a little curve on the side. This ring has only one ring, and the whole ring needs to be smoother, otherwise it will look ugly, whereas the carved ones don't need to be so smooth. After that, I thought, why is the ring more expensive when it looks so simple?

Why does simple furniture cost more

Notice that a lot of things seem to cost more the simpler they are.

Brand premium is certainly a factor, but not the brand. A few things come to mind.

Modelling is simpler, should pay attention to detail design more, do not have change completely otherwise, can be very drab. Like the side arc of the ring.

The simpler the shape, the higher the requirements for the material itself, otherwise it will appear very cheap. Like the texture of wood. The more simple the modeling, the higher the accuracy of processing requirements, otherwise a little error will be amplified, can not hide. Like the close-fitting of clothes.

If modelling is simple, still use poorer material, processing error is big again. It will completely change the flavor. The expected simplicity becomes pale and shabby and looks cheap. Modeling is simple, and to do well, but more difficult. If you're not careful, you go straight from 100 to 10.

And modelling complex, often have a bottom score, do worse also have 60 minutes.


Another example is food. Cantonese restaurants always serve chicken in white. This dish seems easy to cook, just steam it.

But this dish is demanding of the chicken itself. Need to find mountain range, often active chicken; Feed on fodder, not moving chicken is not good.

Why does simple furniture cost more

The chicken can't be too old or too young. The chicken also needs to be fresh, preferably killed on site, not fresh and not tasty. The heat also needs to be well controlled, too long will be too old, the chicken is not tender.

The same is true for steamed fish. Fish should be fresh and the heat should be well controlled. In addition, there are Japanese salmon, arctic shellfish, high requirements for food materials. The better the food itself, the simpler it can be, but the more time it takes.

This brings out the flavor of the food itself. If food material itself is not good enough, need to do sth. for the making of sth. is complex more, go covering with sauce mastow. These seemingly simple foods are also relatively expensive. Steamed fish is more expensive than boiled fish. Salmon and shellfish are also expensive.

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