How to buy a good piece of furniture that will last more than 10 years?

A piece of furniture can be used for ten years, this problem is decomposed, it is two problems actually: one problem is that you can abandon it within ten years, another is that this furniture can be broken within ten years.

How to buy a good piece of furniture that will last more than 10 years

First of all, let’s talk about whether you will dislike it or not. People are changing, including the change of aesthetic ability, the change of feeling of comfort, and the willingness to follow the fashion trend. These change slowly and unknowingly with age, living environment, cognitive range, etc.

If you want a piece of furniture to last more than a decade, it’s not about whether it will stand the test of time, it’s about predicting which piece of furniture will last a decade and you won’t get bored of it. If you are confused about this problem, I suggest that you do not blindly follow the trend.

Trends are three or five years old, and after a trend, you’ll soon feel like your furniture is dirt in every way.

How to buy a good piece of furniture that will last more than 10 yearsYou can choose from designs that have stood the test of time, and there’s always a piece of furniture that can claim its own place whether it’s blowing southeast Asian or Mediterranean. These designs are at least a few decades old and still don’t feel stale.

These furniture had his flavor, these homes have a common characteristic, it is beautiful and concise, the structure is reasonable, practical and comfortable, without the element of flowery redundancy.

For example, I am familiar with the sitting class: Eames lounge chair, Kennedy chair, Y chair, 45 chair and so on. These designs are at least 50 years old and still dominate the field of furniture design.

They will remain resilient for the foreseeable future. More people are concerned about another issue: whether the furniture itself can last a decade.

Eat melon to common masses, want to judge the quality stand or fall of a furniture or more difficult.

A relatively simple way is to look at the workmanship, if a piece of furniture workmanship, all the details in place, basically this furniture material, structure, durability will not be too bad. Good workmanship, the most intuitive to judge is: straight is straight, round is round.

Simple six words, you only need to see whether the straight place is straight and uniform, such as whether the edge seam is straight and uniform, whether the partition is straight without deformation, whether the line is straight and uniform. Whether standard round the round, the bottom of the circular arc is standard round, arc shape is smooth stretch, and, in particular, pay attention to the places where have a spherical shape and surface, spherical whether standard, round it is coordinately, because these for woodworking, there is technology difficulty, be precise, the other simple not poor.

How to buy a good piece of furniture that will last more than 10 yearsIn addition, pay attention to the inside corner position is polished in place, whether the color is even. If the above standard of workmanship can be achieved, the furniture will be perfect.

As for the net red design or big brand or feelings, you do not need to listen.

Good things are really good, not by feelings out, is to rely on the heart to do.

Finally emphasize: select the appropriate design style is the most important!

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