Is it better to buy expensive or cheap furniture?

Often have friend illicit letter ME, say bought the furniture of what wood, how many how many of price, bought expensive?

Today, what are the factors that affect the price of solid wood furniture?

First, wood. Black walnut is more expensive than catalpa wood for certain, annatto is more expensive than pine for certain, raw material is better price is higher, this is beyond doubt.

Is it better to buy expensive or cheap furniture

Two, the process. The more the process is in place, the more fine the workmanship, the higher the price will be. The front and the back are as delicate, and the front is smooth and the back is rough compared to furniture, can the price be the same?

Three, style: such as wardrobe door, flat door, drag door; There are styles, European and American style, Chinese style and so on; On modelling, have carve and have no carve, that price all differ big went!

Four, dosage. The same style, with two drawers and three drawers, large and small, the price must be different.

Five, plate finishes: there are many kinds of finishes of leather furniture, paint, blister, double finishes, etc., different finishes are also different.

Is it better to buy expensive or cheap furnitureSix, brand: different brands, the premium is also different, the same furniture in two stores, high visibility of the price must be higher.

To sum up! How to judge furniture of a real wood to buy expensive after all? Industry experts have to cover their faces.

Is it better to buy expensive or cheap furnitureSomeone thinks cheap go up small be, buy expensive go up big be, this is the excuse that does not want to spend money more completely. Although expensive furniture is not always good, but too cheap furniture, quality and environmental protection at least one will not be good, a price a goods is not unreasonable, you think that business are fools?

For the field that oneself do not understand, be sure to do more research and then move, do not only look and then choose low price, do not step on the pit.

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