Decoration trends for 2022

Do not know what is popular in 2022 decoration, how to install more grade look here, an article to sort out the popular trend of decoration this year and even in the next few years.

A, floor tile

Gray floor tile has been popular for several years, that kind of black, white and gray decoration style, with the arrival of 2022, will also decline, so what kind of ground decoration will be more popular in the next few years, no more nonsense to say the next must use a small notebook.

Dumb light archaize brick, or wood grain brick will become the popular trend of the future, so called decoration is a reincarnation, before a few years popular dumb smooth face ceramic tile came back, still have wood grain archaize brick, log wind matches the collocation of milk coffee color, had set off before decorating circle, let a person look really plant grass the sort of.

So the color of the floor tile should be how to choose, in order to be more advanced, xiaobian 10 years of soft outfit design experience tells you, choose the floor tile must not choose monochrome, such as yellow. White, gray, this belongs to monochrome, not advanced, to choose those yellow mixed with some gray, in between yellow and gray color.

Can be through personal preference, some yellow, or some gray, the overall color adjustment, and to choose those matte surface, beauty seam should also choose the same color and floor tile, as far as possible to weaken the beauty seam, let him ensure that the function is good

Decoration trends for 2022

Two, ceiling and modelling

Condole top wants as far as possible simple, avoid those complex modelling, with the use of a few glass condole top, no matter what room, gypsum line is outdated after all, present double eyelid condole top can play a variety of patterns to come.

Is bad, no matter how many people say no advocate the lamp design can prevent it from becoming the next popular condole top, no head lamp is the essence of remember, see light not light, looks is more complex, but also good, now there are a lot of auxiliary line, deep eye lamp can be very good do not advocate the lamp design, the future will have more concise unowned type lamp lights to choose from.

Third, wooden door

Believe the friend that a lot of stroll passes building materials market to be able to discover, begin from the second half of last year, brand of a lot of wooden door rolls out the design that comes to the top and seal board to the top.

A door to the top is to do the door directly ultra high processing, good-looking really good-looking, but most families can not meet this condition, a lot of wall is unable to bear you hit the wall processing. And as long as there is one door in your home, you can't do this, and the other several doors you do are not good, so xiaobian feels that this approach will soon be eliminated

Another design is fierce, that is, the door cover directly to the top, look at the past and a door to the top of the effect is about the same, but the cost can save more than half. And 90% of the family can satisfy the condition, set practical and beautiful photograph union

Decoration trends for 2022

Four, the background wall

Now more and more people give up doing complex background wall, even the rock slab background wall which was very popular last year is only a short passer-by, and the flowers and wealth of that year, very easy to aesthetic fatigue,

More and more young people choose to use large size TV or curtain to replace the background wall, xiaobian is also very much in favor of this practice.

Do not have home appliance guide to buy to tell you again recently "sofa should choose how old TV far to TV", it is you have how old economic actual strength to buy can accept the biggest size now. It's like buying a cell phone. It gets bigger and better, and once you use it, you can't get it back.

Decoration trends for 2022

Five, the curtain

All say soft outfit, what is soft outfit, xiaobian feel, curtain is the soul of soft outfit, it is also like clothes. Leading the fashion, through a variety of color matching, style to adjust the style of the home.

No one can buy a dress a year, but very few people can change the decoration effect in his home through changing the curtain, it is to be able to use, not bad not to change, actually this kind of idea is wrong, because the design and color of the curtain is too outstanding, so popular feeling and style are particularly obvious, still want to be between a few years of appropriate undertake change.

Say the popular trend of the future again, give priority to with monochrome, can have a popular color every year, go for example this year matcha green, decorative pattern will be smaller and smaller, what basically compete is simple sense and do the work, high temperature finalize the design also will become standard match.

Six, Intelligent devices

All kinds of intelligent equipment will become the standard of home, dishwasher, sweeping robot, washing machine, intelligent door lock, intelligent toilet, intelligent voice system, and a bunch of intelligent products will soon enter our life.

Practical, efficient is always our pursuit of the goal, but also smart home to bring us life experience, so new decoration partners do not blindly reject new things, they really can help us change our lives.

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