Running 5 kilometers every day, do you need knee pads?

Running whether the need for knee pads can be judged from the following points:

1. Do you have any exercise basis? If you run regularly, honestly speaking, the intensity of 5km a day is not high, and the knee joint can bear the pressure when the muscle strength is strong.

But if it is a short period of time to start exercise, it is not recommended to blindly adhere to a goal, to let the body slowly adapt to the intensity of exercise, otherwise it is recommended to wear sports knee pads.​

2. Whether it is heavy or not, the pressure on the knee joint during running is about 6-7 times of its own weight. If the weight difference is 15kg, the knee joint will weigh about 100kg more.

Therefore, running is not recommended as the first choice for weight loss. It can be run after reducing weight by fasting and adjusting to diet. Otherwise, it is recommended to wear sports knee pads.​


3. Whether there are injuries, injuries or discomfort in the knee joint, if you want to continue to run, it is recommended to wear a sports knee brace at this time. A good knee brace can make the knee joint more stable and effectively protect the patella and meniscus.

Running every day, regardless of posture and alignment, is also stressful for the knees and meniscus.

It is recommended to run 5 kilometers every other day, and the muscles also need to rest. Before running, fully exercise each joint, which can also prevent knee injury.

Recommend a relatively high cost performance, but also I usually recommend buying friends. The most important thing is to have something fixed in front of the patella, inside and outside the two sides to have spring power.

There are also disadvantages to this. If the girl's legs are too thin, it is easy to slip off. Men should be no problem, but this price is very good for a pair.

Breathability is also good, and running in summer is not stuffy.