5 tips to outfit the home with advanced feeling

Advanced sense and quality sense, is our common pursuit of house decoration.
Somebody thinks "advanced feeling" it is expensive, spend big price to decorate then, the effect is unsatisfactory however.
Today we explore a few decorate small skill together, look how to promote household quickly simple sense.

01 Brass Elements

Want to make the home of advanced feeling, if integral style holds hard, that from bring the element of advanced feeling proceed with, for instance -- brass.

It comes with a unique metal sense of senior, always inadvertently hit the heart of the nostalgia mood. It can be blended with any household style to add luxury and elegance.

It can walk into any corner of the home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, toilet, are not illegal.

Of course, brass is good, but don't take too much of it. The best way to use brass is to use it as an ornament.

02 Changhong Glass

Changhong glass, as a new home network red, set high appearance level and practicality in a suit.

It pervious to light, not perspective, with hazy beauty. It can also optimize indoor lighting and maintain space permeability.

Use to do partition or move the door, more clear on the vision, the depressing feeling of slam the door stone wall.

Or undertake union with furniture, tie-in eat side ark, ambry, chest is waited a moment, added flexibility, also can foil a delicate and elegant household atmosphere.

03 No main lamp design
No main lamp design, can maintain the simple effect of smallpox and space, let the space more simple and elegant. At the same time, no main lamp lighting uniform and comfortable, rich lighting levels, you can make every area lighting in the home without dead Angle and atmosphere feeling.
Of course, the design of no main lamp takes more thought and cost, in the design, need to consider the light distribution, lamp belt and drive installation and hiding.

5 tips to outfit the home with advanced feeling
04 Arched door

Compared with the regular moment of the door, the design vision of the arch door, can weaken the sharp edges and corners, can bring us better comfort, but also play the role of extending the space.

In addition, arch brings the artistic temperament of high appearance level and aesthetic feeling, the artistic breath that can aggrandizement space, have appearance level more have connotation, let household space become more have simple sense.
It is worth noting that it is necessary to consider the thickness of the wall to do the doorway. The arch made by the too thin wall will appear thin and thin, and lose the sense of visual extension.
05 Log furniture

Sometimes returning to simplicity is a superior feeling. Log furniture takes natural grain, what its backside brings is the aesthetic feeling of a kind of source nature, it is the halcyon feeling that lets a person get drunk.
Wood color, reserve the most authentic attribute to the space. Through the color, texture, furniture, accessories, light and other clever collocation of space, wood color can also well express the mood of space.
It not only represents a life attitude, but also emphasizes the retention of the most authentic space attributes to create an image outside the image.

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