Hanging clothes on a regular hanger?

Drying clothes is an ordinary household matter, the balcony is the preferred place for drying clothes, but the ordinary drying clothes rack occupies a lot of space and the height problem is also very troublesome, for the friend who likes receiving and decorating the room is very distressed, want to save space while drying clothes, and decorative effect. Xiaobian tell you to use these methods, both convenient and save space!

Method 1: use folding hanger skillfully
Hanging clothes the most is the height of the remain problems, folding clothes rack can adjust according to the height of the people, folding drying rack also has the history of use tool, the advantage of the folding clothes rack is not occupy a space, need not when can put in store, his structure is simple, the price is very cheap, can be different kinds of clothes, convenient use, convenient people's life in the pursuit of more and more high, There is also a growing demand for hanging clothes.

Foldable hanger saves space, put it down when it is used and put it away when it is not used, so that the living environment is spacious and tidy, you can move and fold everywhere, and the service life is very long. Friends who like convenient and easy can choose foldable hanger, which is convenient and more humanized.

Method two: telescopic clothing suspension frame
In general was hanging clothes is insufficient space, small make up have a good way to help everyone, that is to use telescopic hang clothes tree, this kind of hangers can stretch up and down, in a certain space, let you can bask more clothes, if your home position of the drying clothes is three meters high, 2 meters wide scale will hang clothes tree all three meters high utilization, to dry clothes is not a problem at all.

Hanging clothes on a regular hanger?Because of the characteristics of telescopic hanger can be telescopic adjustment, not limited to the size of air drying space, so whether you are large or small family can be used, this kind of clothes hanger is also divided into manual and electric, people are still more used to manual, style is also very diverse, the appearance of telescopic clothes hanger is very simple. It is unique in that it is suitable for families living on high floors and is easy to operate

Method three: dryer
If think clothes hang hang down too much trouble, and too dry for too long, can use the dryer, convenient and fast, small size and a washing machine together won't take up much space, to the south of the rainy season, the north cold winter, in indoor laundry room will become wet and have peculiar smell, clothes dryer just can solve the problem of the indoor humidity

Dryer is automatic drying function, and mini can carry dryer, no matter how wet your clothes can be quickly drying, work anxious friends do not have to worry about clothes drying slowly. And the dryer has anti-virus function, can be high temperature bacteria, is also very good for health. So dryers are a good choice if you like a quick fix.