How to decorate the toilet to save money?

A great man once said, "Food, clothing, shelter and transportation are the most basic material needs of people..." . For many people, the cost of food, clothing, shelter and transportation is not small. The mere fact of "living" makes most people shout out "great pressure". From the early rental, to the middle of the house, and then to the late decoration, the completion of this process, DO not know how much budget to spend.

Needless to say, even the landowners don't have much to spare. What's more, we are ordinary people, the house has emptied savings, decoration is more difficult. Therefore, saving money is the first choice. Today, there is a home decoration to share the toilet to save money decoration tips!

In daily life, the toilet is the three centers of the home: washing, going to the toilet and taking a shower. There is no need to say how important the toilet is. Undeniable, toilet is the high investment area that decorates budget. Probably a lot of people do not know, below the premise of not affecting living quality, toilet also can save money to decorate. How to decorate the toilet to save money? Do less hidden design. As the name implies, it is dark outfit spends asperse, dark outfit faucet and dark outfit closestool to wait, use the design that hides inside wall body.

How to decorate the toilet to save money?The appearance of hidden design, not only the appearance level is quite high, but also greatly reduced the sanitary dead Angle. However, hidden design also has disadvantages. Compared with ordinary installation, hidden faucets and so on, the cost will be higher. At the same time, similar dark toilet, but also require enough space. Consequently, toilet does concealed type design less.

Want to make the toilet of high cost performance, need not net red ceramic tile also is key. Net red ceramic tile, look very beautiful, actually hidden hidden dangers. For example net red Mosaic ceramic tile, get toilet quite "chase after in both hands". Just, Mosaic ceramic tile, also easy to become sanitary dead Angle. After all, uneven surface lines are not only easy to accumulate stains, but also troublesome to clean up.

In the meantime, compare with common ceramic tile, Mosaic ceramic tile single piece price and shop stick artificial cost are higher. Therefore, the toilet wants to save money decoration, it is recommended not to network red tiles. How to decorate the toilet to save money? Less use of niches is also important. Recessed niches are practical to look at. Niche storage, however, is not cheap. Therefore, niche storage should be used less. Toilet real wood receives ark, also be those who save money to decorate "block".

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