Large laser cutting processing manufacturers

With the user's requirements for processing efficiency and quality are higher and higher, so laser cutting processing has appeared in sheet metal processing. Application of very common metal processing technology when sheet metal cutting processing, laser cutting processing parts, are a precision rapid forming cutting, but also can achieve automatic cutting layout, nesting.

At present in foreign plate thickness as long as greater than two millimeters will use laser cutting method. Laser cutting processing (sheet metal processing) does not need a cutter, it will not produce the problem of tool wear; ​processing will not produce deformation; ​it has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, high flexibility, short production cycle, narrow slit, simple operation, low labor intensity, no pollution and so on.

What are the characteristics of stainless steel laser cutting?​

The first is the difference in accuracy. Using laser cutting processing sheet metal, "mold replacement" is equivalent to inserting a new machining (cutting or forming) program in the NC(numerical control machine tool) system, so the problem of mold management is replaced by the problem of loading and unloading in the NC program. In the precision, CNC machine tools can achieve zero difference precision.

The second point is the high degree of automation. Laser processing equipment is stable, reliable, supporting and high degree of automation, then the process technology theoretical research data credibility, wide work face, industrial application scope will be expanded accordingly. The combination of laser cutting and CAD/CAM technology can realize the automatic process of processing various complex geometric shapes, which requires the use of many advanced technologies, such as product design and process design expert database. Modern production is mostly a variety of small batch production. In order to improve productivity, sheet metal processing plant blanking should be used in groups, that is, in a sheet metal at the same time to process a variety of parts.

24f706bddd6a13c9285ce0fada73c7e1Laser cutting has been a lot of manufacturers preferred a way of processing, it basically is to use energy from the laser after focusing on the focus to achieve very high energy density, and then absorbed by materials after laser processing work, on the thermal effect of laser cutting does not need the traditional cutting tools, as long as through the laser cutting, with batch production, high precision, fast speed, Small deformation of the material and other advantages, very popular with everyone. And laser cutting belongs to environmental protection processing, no pollution, can create a clean, good working environment for the staff.

The advantages of laser cutting processing:

First: in the process of processing, the laser head will not contact the workpiece directly, so it will not cause tool wear.​

Second: laser cutting automation, high processing accuracy

Third: laser cutting beam diameter is small, high precision, both can be processed precision workpiece, can also be processed large plate.

Now the processing industry is using a laser cutting processing method to process products, Metal Laser Cutting Service can provide cutting processing for multiple metal materials. The use of laser cutting processed products in the production of quality and processing speed than the traditional processing methods to provide a lot of advantages, so a lot of manufacturers have introduced laser cutting equipment to the metal material cutting processing.