Why does the soft initiator trip in a few seconds?

If the motor soft start motor trip, first see what fault soft start reported, if it is a jump circuit breaker, may be the start of the current is large.
If it is a trip during the operation of the motor soft starter, it may be the soft starter protection action. It is necessary to confirm the motor load. Is it caused by overload or phase break?

A: the cause of circuit breaker trip when the soft starter starts the motor
This trip situation, occurs at the start and stop, need to recall is just a start or stop that trip, or start or stop after a few seconds trip.

1, a start or stop immediately jump, should check whether the motor side short circuit, mechanism is stuck or blocked.
2, start or stop in the process of tripping, the current is too large or too long, has reached the circuit breaker tripping set curve.

Two: the solution of circuit breaker trip when the soft starter starts the motor
1. Re-adjust the setting value of the circuit breaker so that the tripping curve is greater than the starting current curve.
2. Adjust the current limit multiple of soft start to make the current within the prescribed range.
3, reduce the start or stop time.

Things can happen in one of two ways: there are internal causes and external causes. If the newly Auto Jump starter trips immediately, external cause: it is necessary to check the motor, circuit, and supporting transformers, circuit breakers, contactors, etc., check the quality, and the capacity of the soft starter is matched. Then check the internal cause, soft starter whether there is a problem.