How to decorate an 80 square meters house

​How should an 80 square house be decorated in order to do not waste and functional life? Listen to xiaobian to introduce you!

Take the door rely on ark of a porch of a wall, take ark of independent clothes and cap, winter can hang a dress, the four seasons put shoe. Suspended partition design, can put bags, umbrellas and other small things.

On the other side of the kitchen layout with sliding door hanging, space saving, U-shaped layout, small space, but cooking, cooking, washing and other space are complete.

How to decorate an 80 square meters houseOpen mode sitting room, rely on the metope of the kitchen to make ark of eat side, alleviate kitchen receive pressure, can place bowl and all sorts of have dinner tools.

The sitting room is concise and lively, although the space is small, but TV ark, sofa, tea table have everything, install electric curtain to shout to open again, it is the small design that promotes happiness. Small balcony installs electric lift lever, put a washing machine again, do not delay all sorts of functions that the life needs.

Next to the small bedroom, tatami lifting desk, put down directly to rest when the guest room, pull up can do temporary desk use, open wardrobe a person to sleep more than enough.

And then there’s the master bedroom and the second bedroom, which are not big, but they’re good enough. There’s also plenty of privacy.

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